Women’s economic sustainability

    Women’s Economic Sustainability

Strategic goal of women’s economic sustainability is the crucial cornerstone to achieve gender equality through empowerment of women in economy and sustainable development. Despite the contributions to economy, women still do not have equal access to rights, services and opportunities. Several key areas where disadvantages for women currently exist are: access to resources, equality in the workplace, entrepreneurship development, decision-making positions, and the reconciliation of work and family responsibilities.

To respond to these deep-rooted problems ”For Fem/4FEM ” Women’s Human Rights Defender NGO aims to direct its undertakings and activities to reduce gender gaps, overcome discriminatory barriers in diverse areas and promote equality in the economic sphere.


The main purpose of this strategic goal of ”For Fem/4FEM” Women’s Human Rights Defender NGO is using gender equality as a key factor for sustainable economic growth, social development and environmental sustainability and acting against the continuous over-representation of women among the world’s most vulnerable groups in the result of patriarchal approach in different spheres. We aim to encourage social and economic integration and activeness of women. Our vision is the creation of inclusive, collaborative, comprehensively developed, not discriminative society, where women will be financially independent and will participate in organization of state economy and in process of decision-making.


The objectives of the strategy are:

● To raise the role of women in economy

● To contribute to the economic empowerment and financial independence of women

● To promote the inclusion of women in decision-making bodies and in all kinds of activities

● To contribute to the creation of sustainable path of development in which it’s ensured that women’s interests are equally taken into account in the allocation of the resources

● To help women in gaining or developing professional skills

● To promote the commitments to strengthening the position of women

● To increase the involvement of women with disabilities in labor market and in all spheres   of public life

● To promote the strengthening and social integration of women’s marginal groups

● To reduce the level of poverty among women

To reduce gender inequalities in the policies attended to economic development.

● To improve women’s economic participation and access to financial services, natural  resources and technology.

● To reduce the influence of critical barriers that limit women’s economic contributions.

● To fight against the undervaluation of women’s work


The fundamentals of the strategic goal of women’s economic sustainability of ”For Fem/4FEM” Women’s Rights Defender NGO are the followings

● Strengthen the focus on women’s economic participation and empowerment

● Create an atmosphere, where women’s work is not undervalued and their role in informal economy and inside the home is not underestimated

● Recognize the fact that the economic empowerment of women is critically crucial to economic growth and stability

● Reduce the influence of structural and cultural barriers that continue to inhibit women’s participation in higher-wage sectors and occupations

● Promote women’s economic advancement

● Contribute tothe elimination of barriers to women’s economic inclusion