Inclusion and Intersectionality

Inclusion is embracing the fact that everyone is important and has value. Inclusion is about building a community that is accessible to EVERYONE. It requires the identification and removal of barriers that inhibit a person’s contribution and participation into the society. It is the identification and the removal of discrimination.

Intersectionality is a big part of inclusion and diversity.

Intersectionality is the belief that oppressions are interlinked and cannot be solved alone: these may be the problems of sexism, racism, ageism etc. It is about understanding the individual forms of oppressions and how they change when intersected. Intersectionality is a way of understanding relations by examining intersecting forms of discrimination. It is the understanding that different forms of oppressions can exist in a woman’s/man’s life at the same time.

In “4FEM Women’s Human Rights Defender” NGO we believe that everyone has different identities that intersect and make us who we really are. We believe in reaching diversity through solving intersecting problems of discrimination.  Intersection is about the understanding that everyone is welcome and that everyone is unique in their own way.

The purpose of the strategic goal “Inclusion and Intersectionality” for “4FEM Women’s  Humqan Rights Defender” NGO are:

  • To eliminate double discrimination.
  • Eliminate exclusion and bullying of women under special protection.
  • The involvement of women with special needs  and women with disabilities.
  • To help women to implement their rights.
  • To create a platform where everyone feels safe and welcome.
  • Expansion of the opportunities for women with disabilities, which will help to achieve a raise in women’s civic participation.
  • To achieve equality for women of color, women with disabilities, of different ages, religions, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientation.