Women’s Civic Participation

Women’s civic participationIntroduction

Strategic goal of women’s civic participation particularly represents ”For Fem/4FEM” Women’s Human Rights Defender NGO’s path to the promotion and support of women’s active participation in civic life: peace-building and decision-making processes, as well as eco-feminism and art activism through solidarity and sisterhood. Distribution of the idea of raising women’s civic participation is considered as an important precondition of having equal opportunities, which contribute to elimination of poverty, unfair discrimination, realization of gender equality and to regional sustainable development.

For ”For Fem/4FEM” Women’s Rights Defender NGO actualization of the strategic goal of women’s civic participation is directed to the establishment of women equality in society, because women are being subjected to discrimination, very often to double discrimination and victimization in the case of being subjected to violence.

Strategic goal provides with inner direction about organization’s vision, mission, values, priorities and integration of civic participation perspective in the whole organization.


The main purpose of the strategic goal of ”For Fem/4FEM” Women’s Human Rights Defender NGO is reaching to women’s civic participation perspective and integration of human rights through the development and implementation of activities. This strategy aims to build a society where
equal participation of both genders exists as a norm and where awareness about human rights and their protection are fundamental. We aim to encourage social and political integration and activeness of women. Our vision is the creation of inclusive, collaborative, comprehensively developed, not discriminative society, where women will be financially independent and will participate in organization of state economy and in process of decision-making.


The objectives of the strategy are:

● To raise the role of women in society

● To drive forward the equality of women in decision-making, for forming the sustainable

  development of society.

● Contribute to the economic empowerment and financial independence of women, especially socially needy women.

● Increase the involvement of women with disabilities in labor market and in all spheres of public life.

● To create a platform for women’s cooperation, mutual assistance and self-expression.

● To promote the strengthening and social integration of women’s marginal groups.

● To help women to implement their complete rights.

● To promote women’s activism.

To reduce gender inequalities in the policies attended to economic development.

● To contribute to purposes of sustainable development and to protection of the environment by promoting civic participation of women.

● To promote the establishment of peace by increasing the involvement level of women in peacebuilding and negotiating processes.


The fundamentals of the strategic goal of women’s civic participation of ”For Fem/4FEM” Women’s Human Rights Defender NGO are the followings:

To raise women’s civic participation means to create an atmosphere, where human rights and opportunities do not depend on person’s gender.

● Expansion of the opportunities and rights of women with disabilities plays a core role for achieving the raise of women’s civic participation. By expansion of the opportunities and rights, women with disabilities get a chance to become a complete member of society.

● Achieving equal participation of women in economic, social and political processes is needed to achieve the raise women’s civic participation. Equal participation is above the numbers. It includes women’s right to form their needs and interests (also the vision of their society), control their lives.

● Low level of women’s civic participation is a problem that exists in the whole society and all layers of it, therefore it suggests a work with all the layers and substructures of society.