General info

“4FEM” Women’s Human Rights Defender non-governmental organization was registered on February 26, 2018. The organization is a non-governmental organization created by women  and working for women. The main principle of  the organization is inclusion and intersectionality. Our[main purpose is to protect the rights of all women with special emphasize on the gap of protection of women with hearing and speaking disability.
The decision-making bodies of the organization are the General Assembly and the President. The General Assembly meets every two years. The Board works and carries out advocacy based on the goals of the NGO before the next meeting of the Assembly. The executive body is the President who is elected every two years by the Assembly. She is the principal performer of the decisions made by the Assembly.
The organization is quite young, but we are open for cooperation. We have already implemented 3 programs based on our strategic directions, we have 3 employees and 5 volunteers.