Eurasia Partnership Foundation Armenia hosted a three-day training for capacity building for NGOs

On June 19-21, the Eurasia Partnership Foundation-Armenia hosted a three-day training for capacity building for NGOs focused on gender issues and women’s empowerment. During the three days, Alenka Verbole (Slovenia), Anush Khachatryan, Maria Abrahamyan, Arpine Manukyan and Shushanik Khurshudyan conducted the training.

The participants were representatives of NGOs working in seven different regions of Armenia covering gender issues and implementing women’s empowerment programs in communities.From “4Fem” Women’s Human Rights NGO participated a member of the organization Henric Ayvazyan.

The first day began with acquaintance, then were studied the gender concepts, international law, treaties and conventions and Armenia’s commitments.

During the second and third days of the training, participants tested theoretical knowledge through group work activities, promoting gender mainstreaming in various sectoral topics, everyday work and activities of organizations.
Discussed and analyzed the potential beneficiaries of their NGO and outlined the gender action plan.

At the end of the course all participants were given certificates.

The training was organized within the framework of the CSOs Bridge project funded by the European Union and implemented by the Armenian General Benevolent Union and the Eurasia Partnership Foundation.